Bunker Service in Bawean Island

The location of Bawean Island in the Java Sea becomes a setrategic route of sea transportation crossing to the islands of Java, Kalimantan and Bali island.

Bawean Tourism has been providing refueling services for ships that transit and pass through Bawean Island.

In times of bad weather, big waves, often ships suffered a fuel crisis before arriving in Bawean, or boats that only pass through Bawean’s performances. We always provide assistance to the ships, start refueling services, prepare engineers, and prepare barges to pull the ship to a safe location from bad weather.

The fuel we prepare in drums, with a capacity of 200 liters / drums. Our fuel is very clean and safe for your ship’s engine.

Most of our customers are yachts and company vessels

If your ship needs refueling, machine repair and evacuation when passing through Bawean waters, please contact us.


Bawean Tourism

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